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PADI Scuba Review/Refresher

Course Information

Haven't been scuba diving lately? Feeling a bit rusty? The Scuba Review program is just the refresher you need to brush up on your knowledge and skills. One of our PADI Professionals will get you in the water having fun and feeling comfortable again in no time. It's quick, easy, and a good way to prepare for your next PADI course or get ready for adventure on your next diving holiday.

Any certified diver who needs a refresher, pre-travel update, pre-assessment for a continuing education course or an upgrade from junior diver can complete a Scuba Review.

You'll go over important dive safety concepts, dive planning essentials and problem management. Our PADI Professional will have you practice putting your gear together and doing a pre-dive safety check with your buddy. In the water, you'll review all the basic scuba skills with a focus on good buoyancy control.

Once complete your Instructor will update your log book and sign you off ready for your next adventure. All you require for the session is your dive certification and Log book, but if you have your own kit bring that too and we will get you and your kit back together in the water.

Course Schedule

We generally run Scuba reviews on Saturdays but we can schedule them in to meet your needs. Call the shop on 01924 444888 or email to book your session.

Course Prices

6 months to 1 year since last dive
2 years or more

PADI Scuba Review/Refresher